Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Finally! It's here, it's almost over, we survived... and most amazingly, my two sons did not spontaneously combust before it arrived. Another Christmas day down, another year to go.

Everyone was surprised in some way or another. Everyone is happy and contented and we had a great day without leaving the house. However, there were lots of phone calls made to and from other family members.

(Always lots of books for Christmas, this one is yet another tome on Greek Mythology)

My sons got their first video game console. That's right, xbox 360 Elite in the house! They haven't moved from the couch in about 9 hours other than to use the bathroom. We had to flip the main circuit breaker to get them to the dinner table. So far they have been enthralled with Lego's Star Wars; The Complete Saga.

Mrs. Special Ed is learning how to use a drop spindle to spin fibers instead of her trusty Kromski Sonata spinning wheel.
There were also several books for all, some vintage rock 'n roll t-shirts and a few classic Monty Python t-shirts too. My boys have such good taste!

(A few seconds away from the xbox to act silly)

I took advantage of the sunny weather and cooked some pork tenderloins that had been soaked in a Jamaican Jerk marinade for two days. Yehaaa!

(What's everyone else gonna have?)

Only 365 days left!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weather clear, track fast!

First we had snow, then slop then more slop. Then we had wind... I mean WIND! Two days of steady wind with gusts up to 50 mph. Today the sun was out and the wind was much tamer. Time to fire up the grill again before I go through withdraw.

Temperature outside 34 degrees F. Temp inside the grill, 350. Temp inside the chicken when I pulled it off the grill, 170.

My grill is hot, my clothes smell smoky, there is grilled chicken and burgers in the fridge... all is sunny in the world! Now, if we can just get Christmas over with...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I forgot to take pictures!

I cooked up a feast this past weekend but I was so wrapped up in cooking I forgot to take pictures. Nobody's going to read a blog about food with out pictures!(food porn).

Anyway, I cooked a boneless leg of lamb in two pieces. One with a Tandoori marinade and one with a Persian yogurt & saffron marinade. I also cooked up two pork loins and several burgers for the kids and other non risk takers. For those that ate the lamb, the Tandoori was the big hit. For the others the pork loins were their usual, smoky, spicy, goodness! (Burgers weren't bad either.) All cooked on the Grilldome, of course.