Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enough is enough already...

I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. But I'm not just going to rant about it, I have a solution, and it's an ACME Thunderer whistle!

Are you getting phone calls from scam artists trying to sell you vehicle warranty extensions? Or how about new low rate credit cards? It doesn't matter if you're on the supposed "no-call" lists, it's all a scam and these sharks don't play by the rules. They even go to great lengths to hide their true identity and from where the calls are originating. Has your Caller I.D. displayed a number such as 0-000-000-0000 or 1-999-999-9999, or FLORIDA?

Their first deception is hiding the origin of the call.

Next they say (a pre-recorded message) "we have been trying to reach you." LIAR!

Third, they say "your vehicle warranty is about to expire!" LIAR!

They know nothing of your vehicle warranty, if you have one, or if you even have a vehicle!

Lastly, the message will end with a bit of promise, "this is the last courtesy call we will make to you!" LIAR!

They will call you again and again and again until you either sign up or disconnect your phone.

The one accurate part of the message is, "press 9 (or whatever number they have chosen) to speak to a representative now before your warranty expires!"

That is the chink in their armor and here is the solution.

Get yourself a nice quality whistle (I prefer ACME Thunderer's)

or any obnoxious noise making device and place it by the phone. Next time you get a call and your caller I.D. displays something you know to be bogus, don't ignore it, answer it!

Press the number specified and when the scum-bag operator (they know what they are doing) answers to hopefully sell you something you don't need and up their chances of making quota this month, you give them a lung-full of ACME Thunderer right into their cheap Plaintronix, headset!

A few people doing this would be a rare annoyance. But if EVERYBODY did it... we could put them out of business! (and have a little guilty fun doing it).

I got this idea from Mrs. SpecialEd. In her college days she was subject for a time to a regular prank/obscene caller. She was also a lifeguard who knew a thing or two about whistles. When the obscene caller called, she gave him what-for with her trusty ACME Thunderer and lo and behold, after a couple times, the calls stopped! (I still can't get that ringing out of my ears! :) )