Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Favorite Holiday!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. When I was a kid it might have had something to do with the fact that my Birthday fell on Thanksgiving once every seven years. I'm not sure. But as an adult, I like it because it centers around food, family, gratitude(thanks) and food. It hasn't been commercialized like the other major holidays (except for maybe the turkey companies and stove-top stuffing makers). And thanks or as I prefer gratitude, knows no boundaries. It isn't particular to any one religious belief or even belief in a God at all. One can feel gratitude and feel thankful without directing it at any specific point in the universe, natural or supernatural. So whether you give thanks to a supreme being, count your blessings or just feel appreciative for what you have, a belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Now on to the details...

One 12lb turkey injected with maple sherry butter of my own concoction, stuffed with a quartered orange, apple, onion and lemon. Any leftover injection fluid was smeared all over the outside to help brown the skin.

Smoke it for about three hours at 325 degrees and there you have it.

Even the boys -- picky eaters that they are -- wolfed down some turkey!

The only negative note was that turkey was all the boys ate. They didn't eat stuffing, mashed potatoes, or anything else. Just turkey! Do I get mad and have a fit since they are missing out on the best meal of the year?(A very big shout-out to Mrs. SpecialEd for another wonderful Thanksgiving meal! You're the best!) Yes at first I do. Then I take a deep breath, smile, remember that I can't force them to like something and the important thing is they are happy and healthy and I am very thankful for that!

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