Monday, March 10, 2008

Just say no!

I'm flattered, I take it as a compliment (it is a compliment, right?). But... Just say no! No more sauces, no more rubs, no more spices, I don't have any more room in the house and I now have more BBQ rubs and sauces then I can use for at least a year and probably many more!

So thank you, I appreciate it, I can always use bags of lump, I can always use aluminum pans, I can always use firestarters (I like the little Weber gel tab thingys), I will still keep cooking for you but, JUST SAY NO!

IF you have lots of money and just must buy me something for the grill/kitchen, I'm starting to get an itch for some Lodge "Logic" cast-iron cookware. (whatever you do, don't tell Mrs. SpecialEd)


SteamyKitchen said...

Where's the Maggi!?!

ejs said...

Ha! I just got the Maggi yesterday but I took those pictures a week or so ago. I'd take a picture just for you but your food porn puts mine (and most others for that matter) to shame!

The 15-minute Asian noodles were very good, just wish I could have read the Korean cooking instructions.