Monday, February 11, 2008

Car for sale!

Though it has served me well, just shy of 15 years, it is time for my 1993 Saturn SL2 to go. Sometime last summer I reached that critical mass where I couldn't comfortably lift my tired, old, body out of the low slung Saturn anymore and into my wheelchair. In September I acquired a van, a behemoth, a gasoline pig, (you getting the picture?) that allows me to ride a lift at my seeming leisure while the hydraulics do all the work.

The Saturn (or as SpecialEd boy #1 refers to it, "The Handi-Wagon.") has served me well. It wasn't perfect but Saturn always stood behind it and I had few problems over the years. The Braun ChairTopper along with the adapted hand-controls got me where I needed to go whether it was work everyday, the supermarket (it seemed like everyday sometimes), classes at night, road trips to Virginia, to visit my parents, or to take the boys to school. As long as I took care of it -- well me and Monkey Man Mark that is -- it took care of me.

It runs great, gets great mileage, has a 6 CD changer, AC that kicks, power windows and locks and a Knight Rider like personality.

There's got to be someone out there who has the upper body strength that can use it!

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