Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did I bite off more than I can cue?

Hell no! Turns out I bit off just as much as I could cue, and if I really tried I could probably have fit a little more. Yes, that's 30 (well 29 1/2 actually) pounds of smoky, porky goodness!

Back story: Starting last September, I promised all the SpecialEd siblings I would BBQ or gill them something for their birthdays. SpecialEd sisters, 3 and 7's birthdays fall two days apart and they both decided on pulled pork. Once the rest of the gang heard there would be some pork shoulders cooking (an overnight process) I started getting feelers about "do you have room for another?" etc. Since it basically takes the same amount of time and charcoal to cook two three or even four as it does one, I decided to "fill the grill."

So I wheel myself down to my local Costco (the only "Big Box" store that matters) and check out their double-packed pork shoulders. Great horny toads, they only have one in the meat case... (a total of 12.5 lbs.) Fortunately they found me another that was 16.5 lbs.

Once I get home I'm staring at 29 lbs. of boneless pork shoulder thinking, "What have I done?" There's no way I can manage all this! Once my initial panic subsides we get down to business. I say "we" because it became a family affair. SpecialEd Boy #1 and SpecialEd, Auxiliary Backup Boy#2 love to play with the Cajun Injector and the spicy rubs and Mrs. SpecialEd did a bangup job tying the roasts up so they would stay together and fit mo better on the grills. (that is her lovely hand covered in "Slap Ya Mama" rub and giving the thumbs up sign).

SpEd Boy#1 and I fired up the grill around 2PM on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. SpEd and I loaded the grills up with meat and let the Grilldome do it's thing.

The pork was done around 11am Sunday morning. We wrapped those babies up in foil and towels and put them in a cooler for "resting"

I drove them over to my childhood home where SpEd Sisters 5 and 7 live and sat back. SpEd Sister #3 showed up and grabbed her birthday roast, SpEd Sister #7 started pulling hers, then the rest of the gang came out of the woodwork and descended on the remaining two roasts. Thank goodness for Ziploc bags! It was all over so fast, nothing left but the smell of hickory smoke and dirty dishes... until next time that is!

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